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I’m on a cheesecake craving phase right now and this looks AMAZING! Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars with Biscoff Cookie Crust Recipe via foodfuckery

A friend’s throwing a Haloween party this weekend and we’re looking for easy hallowen themed treats. Found this good one at Brit+Co. Here are 2 easy Halloween themed Candy Bark Dipped Treats!

How much groceries do you buy in a week?

How much groceries do you buy in a week? Have a look at Photographer Peter Menzel’s One Week of Groceries Around the World series on this link. How much do you buy in a week? Send in your answers! Let me know: Where you’re from How many you’re buying for How much you spend on an average week.

that looks so good! Pasta with Chicken, Kidney Beans, Spinach, and Kale via foodinmybelly