Who said Goldfish Crakers have to be shaped like a fish?

A few weeks back, I was looking for a cheesy PUN INTENDED Valentines Day gift idea and I came across this home made crackers recipe on Pinterest. Homemade Goldfish crackers on Tasty Kitchen. The Blog goes into how you can make tiny fish cookie cuter by cutting out aluminum cans etc, but really, why limit yourself to just fishes right?

I went on a mission to find an tiny itty bitty cookie cutter. Let’s just say, they don’t come in itty bitty sizes. I did however found another solution, fondant heart cut-outs by Wilton fondant cutter! Perfect Valentines Day present! I used the smallest one of the set here. I didn’t have to go out and buy any extra ingredients either Sweet money saved! 

Ingredient wise, all you need are : shredded cheese I used medium shredded cheddar, butter, flour, salt and cold water. 

Tools: A food processor, or a blender would do too. The blender setting should be set on “chop” though.

The dough after rolling, cutting, re-rolling, cutting, and re rolling filled 2 cookie sheets. They come out super cute and puffed up too.

Visit Tasty Kitchen Here for the step by step.

I did gift these with a couple packs of Campbell’s Cream of Tomato Cup-a-Soup, but any cream tomato soup would go perfectly with these cheesy hearts. 

PS, you don’t have to wait till Valentines Day to make these, and really, you can use ANY shape and ANY sized cutter.